Turgenev’s Observations on a Cycle

  Fathers and Sons, as the title suggests, is a book about generation conflict set in early 1860s, an important transitional period in Russian history. Arkady and Bazarov return to their families after completing their education in St Petersburg. Their parents are of different backgrounds: Arkady’s father, Nikolai Petrovich, is a wealthy and educated landowner … Continue reading Turgenev’s Observations on a Cycle

When Satan Visited Moscow

The Master and Margarita is a complex, multi-layered satire of the Stalin era. Mikhail Bulgakov started writing the novel in late 1928, not long after the reign of Tsar Nicholas II, the Russian Revolution and Lenin’s reforms. The writer who had witnessed all these continued to work on this masterpiece until his death in 1940. … Continue reading When Satan Visited Moscow